Crowdfunding Indie Box, a human-usable personal server to replace big Internet companies

Johannes writes, "Indie Box One is a personal server appliance that allows us to 'bring our data home' from the big Internet companies, and run indie Web applications at home. Many geeks have run their own home servers for a long time, but it's time consuming, and not possible for most people. Although it runs only free/open-source code, Indie Box One is made for humans, not just geeks, and comes with automatic software upgrades, dynamic DNS, an app store and things like that so normal people can own and control their personal data, too." $500 gets you a fully loaded server.

The formerly decentralized internet has been taken over by the big internet companies with their own motives. That is not good for the internet, not good for innovation, and not good for us as people and internet users. Indie Box One counteracts that trend.

Most of us have more personal and private data than we are comfortable sharing with anybody. It needs to find a place where it is safe. That place does not really exist today; an individually-owned Indie Box in our own homes will be such a place.

Do you feel like inviting 24×7 monitoring into your and your kids' bedrooms? Have you looked at what all those internet-of-things companies are planning to do, or already doing? We think all that data should never leave your house. Indie Box could be the place where it goes, and no further.

What is Indie Box One?

(Thanks, Johannes!)