Kickstarting an augmented reality, artificial lifeform in a kids' picture-book

Wagner James Au sez, "Created by virtual world/avatar pioneer Jeffrey Ventrella, Wiglets are self-animated, augmented reality creatures for mobile devices powered by an open source AI system, and have genomes that are stored in the cloud along with their geo-locations. 'This means they can exist in specific locations in the real world,' Jeffrey explains. The overall goal with Wiglets is to encourage kids to find/play with their creatures in the natural world."

$65 gets you the book and a virtual Wiglet.

Emerging from this book is a new kind of creature that inspires, entertains, and could possibly revolutionize the art of character animation as we know it. These characters are called "wiglets".

How can we get kids (the problem-solvers of tomorrow) involved in the environmental issues that we care so deeply about? Our overall mission is to get children engaged in learning – both indoors and out. Wiglets are the mascots for a new genre of gamified learning experiences. Just think of them as the "Muppets of the digital age". With the help of our technology, wiglets will encourage kids to venture out into nature, where the real and virtual meet – to create highly- imaginative play.

Our book is just the beginning. Think of it as a vehicle – a catalyst – for learning through play.

Peck Peck's Journey: A Picture Book That Spawns Virtual Life

(Thanks, James!)