Texas school bans sunscreen because a child might drink it

A parent in San Antonio, TX is upset that her ten year old got sunburned on a school trip because the school district forbade bringing sunscreen to school, on the grounds that a child might drink the sunscreen and be poisoned by it. When called on this insanity, the Northeast Independent School District doubled down, calling sunscreen both a medication and a poison (it's neither).

Chancellor says if parents know their child may be outdoors, they should come to school fully covered in sunscreen. "We have to look at the safety of all of our students and we can't allow children to share sunscreen, they could possibly have an allergic reaction, they could ingest it, it's really a dangerous situation," she says.

"Where do you draw the line, do we say no hand sanitizer, do we allow to stop school glue? When you have several hundred children on field day being burnt, then you have to ask ourselves, what do you want, them to be safe or not?" says Riggs.

San Antonio-Area School District: Do Not Bring Sunscreen to School [KEYE-TV Austin]

(via Lowering the Bar)

(Image: Sunburn, Phil Kates, CC-BY-SA)