SF novel based on free/open game "Project: Starfighter"

Stephen sez, "Around 13 years ago, I wrote a GPL video game called Project: Starfighter. It is a multi-directional shoot 'em up, with an intricate plot and a diverse cast of characters. Since its release, the game has been ported to a great number of platforms, including the Xbox, Pandora, and Sony PSP. It is now maintained on Sourceforge."

This month, I released a novel based on the plot and characters of the game, expanding heavily on the storyline and making the starfighter that the main character flies sentient. While there are many books based on the videos, I believe that this is the first time that a commercial novel has been based on an Open Source game. Writing the book was a lot of fun, and finding ways in which to retain the core events of the game while creating well-rounded and believable characters was a challenge I very much enjoyed. Both science fiction fans and Open Source advocates should check it out.

Project Starfighter