Gus Harper's Painted Guardians – NSFW


Gus Harper, who has been featured on Boing Boing several times with his amazing time lapses, was recently interviewed by Shea Magazine. Harper has collaborated with talented photographer and long time friend Justin Davazano to bring his canvases together with body painted models. They really create a new photographic experience.

From Shea Magazine:

I felt inspired when I saw several people posing in front of some of my larger pieces at a recent art shows. I always like the way bigger pieces can take over a room and dominate the backdrop of both candid and posed photos. It seems like the people and the painting were posing together, so I decided to to make the people part of the composition. I wasn't trying to camouflage the people but rather to use their forms as an addition to the painting. And I brought in the best photographer I know. Justin is so good at capturing unique angles and he gave these images that haunting look with his use of lighting. He really knows what he's doing. The models were posed in front of two large paintings, "Searching For Heroes" (the red centerpiece from my most recent show) and "The Homunculus Nebula" (the blue centerpiece for my upcoming September show in L.A.). The models were all very patient and easy to work with. I think the next shoot will involve painted suits/clothing and more props.