This is the last day for the second Mayday.US fundraiser, where you can help Larry Lessig raise $5M to elect Congressmen who will fight for campaign finance reform and against the corrupting influence of money in politics.

Lessig's idea is to create a "super PAC to end super PACs," using the funds raise to run a small number of campaigns upcoming elections, and those to prototype campaigns for a full slate in 2016. The structure of campaign finance today means that even if a Congresscritter wants to be an honest broker for the constituents she represents, she can only get elected (and re-elected) by sucking up to monied interests. Only through creating effective campaign finance reform can we set the stage for a less corrupt, more evidence-based policy.

I can't donate to Mayday.US (I'm not a US citizen), but this is an urgent cause for all of us. I would consider it a personal favor if you would kick in a few bucks for me.

The funders of campaigns are holding our democracy hostage. We want to pay the ransom and get it back.

We need a team of legislators in Congress who will champion the public policies necessary to fix our broken government, starting by ending the stranglehold of big money on our political system.

For 2014, our goal is to create a $12 million fund. With that money, we will make fundamental reform the key issue in five congressional races. And win.

Then we'll apply what we learn to 2016 — when we'll run a much much bigger campaign in many more districts for this one purpose: to win a Congress committed to fundamental reform.