Kiddie Cocktails: hooch free drink recipes in a beautiful book

Without question, cocktails are the most fun and playful type of drinks on the menu, with their vibrant colors, toy-like swizzle sticks, plastic straws, paper toothpick umbrellas, swords of stacked fruit, and the exotic-shaped glasses that contain the concoctions. And yet – the cruel irony of it all – cocktails are off limits to children!

But Kiddie Cocktails has come to save the party with over 60 non-alcoholic recipes, from classics like the Shirley Temple, to mocktails like the Nojito, to "kustom creations" like the layered red, white and blue Bomb Pop drink (layering is all about how much sugar each section has, which is explained in the book). I made a couple of Nada Coladas for my 11-year-old and me on a hot July day and its now become a household summer drink. Besides recipes, this book offers tips on setting up a swanky bar, a party planning checklist, a lesson on bar essentials, and more. Beautifully illustrated by well-known retro artist Derek Yaniger, Kiddie Cocktails is sure to rev up your next soirée, with or without kids.

Kiddie Cocktails

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