Crowdfunded news-site uncovers ISIS training camp using online mapping tools

Bellingcat kickstarted £51K to do data-driven/crowdsourced citizen journalism earlier this month, and a week later, pinpointed the exact location of an ISIS training camp near Mosul by matching the jihadis' social media posts to online maps and geo-location services.

It's a very clever sleuthing exercise, and shows the positive power of groups of online puzzle-solvers — a contrast with the redditor mob that incorrectly accused an innocent man of being the Boston Marathon bomber.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go through training as an ISIS terrorist? Or better yet, where you would go to find such advanced training? All you have to do to find the answer to these questions is turn to the nearest ISIS media twitter account and click on that bright blue link. Let's take a look at the photos posted in July showing one of the Islamic State's training camps in Ninewa Province and see what we can learn.

Gun Safety, Self Defense, and Road Marches – Finding an ISIS Training Camp [Bellingcat]

(Thanks, Mr_raccoon!)