Koch-affiliated astroturfers call Net Neutrality "Marxist"

American Commitment, a Koch-brothers-associated fake grassroots group whose previous campaigns include support for Keystone XL and the coal industry, has been circulating an alarmist petition against FCC action to preserve net neutrality, calling it "a Federal Internet takeover," that "sounds more like a story coming out of China or Russia."

Hilariously (given their previous support for state legislation that eliminated telcom competition), they oppose Net Neutrality because it undermines competition.

Open Secrets notes that American Commitment has deep pockets and has traditionally funded far right candidates. (An affiliated organization says it hopes to "take over the GOP by 2016" with even more hardline conservative candidates.) More than $11 million in donations to American Commitment is completely unaccounted for, according to an Open Secrets investigation.

Meanwhile, telecom- and Koch-backed groups have been writing op-eds and funding information campaigns fighting against net neutrality. This campaign appears no different, though it's a bit more extreme in its wording in an attempt to get the tinfoil hat crowd onboard with killing net neutrality.

Net Neutrality Is 'Marxist,' According to This Koch-Backed Astroturf Group [Jason Koebler/Vice]

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