Panoramic drone-flight over Prague

Jeffrey Martin sez, "I've spentthe summer getting up to speed with quadcopters, floating above the rooftops in the early, early morning in one of Europe's most beautiful cities: here is the result."

Two minutes of something like a magic carpet ride, over a fairy tale place where everything is calm and beautiful. Note that the "real Prague" is a bit overrun by souvenir shops and vacationing Italians and British stag parties at the moment, without much peace or quiet, so this video might give you a better glimpse of this wonderful place, since we went to the trouble of
getting up at 4:30 on all the clear mornings. We'll be making more, and longer, films soon.

For the spec-minded of you, this was shot with DJI Phantom quadcopters and Gopro cameras, including one modified with a 5.4mm lens, mounted on a 3-axis stabilizing gimbal. Shot in 2.7K protune with the colors lovingly massaged later on. Absolute caution was practiced at all times of course.

Aerial Prague

(Thanks, Jeffrey!)