EMERGENCY! Protest FCC sellout on net neutrality across the USA!

Evan from Fight for the Future writes, "Internet users! It's time to get angry and get active. The FCC just leaked their net neutrality proposal — and it's TERRIBLE. After nearly 4 million people spoke out demanding strong net neutrality rules against Cable company censorship, throttling, and discrimination, the FCC is pushing rules that would explicitly open the door for that kind of abuse."

Fight for the Future and others are organizing emergency protests at the White House and in more than a dozen cities across the U.S.

Find a protest near you, or start one, here.

We're taking a tip from the successful uprising against an unfair Internet Tax in Hungary. We'll be gathering outside government buildings and hold our glowing cell phones, laptops, and tablets aloft as a symbol of protest, and to shine light on the corruption in DC that threatens our most basic rights as Internet users.

The FCC is finalizing their decision RIGHT NOW. It's essential that respond quickly and powerfully. See you there!

We're in the battle for the net.