/ Mark Frauenfelder / 2 am Fri, Nov 14 2014
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  • Gadgets Giveaway: DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer!

    Gadgets Giveaway: DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer!

    This week, Mark and Xeni discuss their dueling carry-on bag picks and other travel faves, as well as this week's gadget giveaway — the Ascent Vaporizer by DaVinci. Enter to win by Nov. 17!

    We are giving away a DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer! (see photo above). To enter, review the Gadgets podcast on iTunes, then send an email to gadgets@boingboing.net to let us know that you did. Deadline is Monday, November 17 at Noon PT. (If you've already entered a previous giveaway, you are also running for this giveaway and subsequent giveaways.)

    In episode 019, Mark shares his experience traveling with his Briggs & Riley Carry-On Bag, as well as the AmazonBasics Universal Travel Case. While, after a two-week, minimal-carry trip to DC and NYC, Xeni revisits the TSA-friendly backpack and rolling suitcase mentioned in previous episodes.

    Mark's picks:

    luggage_019Briggs & Riley Baseline Carry-On Bag ($(removed))
    Incredibly sturdy bag holds clothes in garment section without wrinkling them. You can overpack it and then ratchet it down to size. Model U122CX-4 is the one to get.

    AmazonBasics Universal Travel Case for Small Electronics and Accessories ($(removed)) I use this when I fly. Have a look at all the stuff I can fit into this little electronics case.

    Xeni's picks:

    eBags Mother Lode TLS Mini 21" Wheeled Duffel ($(removed))
    See previous post.

    Brenthaven MetroLite BP XF X-Ray Friendly Laptop/Tablet/Ultrabook Backpack ($(removed))
    See previous post.

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