Speed-Way motorcycle shelter

Speed-Way Shelters Speed-Way Shelter - Standard/Sport MTS-GRY

This sturdy Speed-Way motorcycle shelter protects my bikes from the elements and keeps them a lot dryer than a normal cover. I've been using it for almost a year, both the shelter and bike look as good as new.

Essentially a tent for your motorcycle, this Speed-Way shelter is simple to assemble and even easier to use. I simply open the shelter, move it away from my bike and drive off. When I come home its just a matter of placing the shelter in front of my front wheel and closing it again. The frame is heavy enough that wind, and I live on a windy cliff next to the ocean, doesn't move it. Water never gets to the bike.

I have two bikes. I keep one under a more traditional cover. The covers either tear or are far too lose. Water gets under them in windy situations and sometimes they even blow off the bike. If you are looking to upgrade your bike storage but don't have room for a shed or garage, I highly recommend these Speed-Way shelters.

Speed-Way Shelters Speed-Way Shelter – Standard/Sport MTS-GRY