/ Mark Frauenfelder / 7 am Fri, Nov 21 2014
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  • LISTEN: The Secret Dad Society

    LISTEN: The Secret Dad Society

    Mike Evans was a founding member of the touring neo-swing band, Big Tubba Mista, and runs the family fun website, Secret Dad Society. He built a remote control seagull to see what real seagulls thought of it. See the video below!

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    mikeevansOur guest this week is Mike Evans: musician, teacher, husband, and father from Pennsylvania. He was a founding member of the touring neo-swing band, Big Tubba Mista, and currently performs with The Greatest Funeral Ever, Gumbo Junk Brass Band, and other local bands.

    When not performing, he recruits his two kids, who are too young to know any better, into doing zany projects and exploring curious new hobbies….Anything from kite aerial photography, geocaching, or remote control seagull-cams, to juggling, science experiments, or making stop motion movies.

    He has yet to win his “webby”, “emmy”, or author his best-selling book to promote on Gweek, but in the meantime, he’s thrilled that his wife Jen set up this guest spot as her 10th wedding anniversary gift to him.

    You can follow his adventures in fatherhood on his blog, Secret Dad Society, or on Twitter at @secretdadblog.

    Above video is from Mike's blog: "The kids love to visit the seagulls that congregate in a local strip mall parking lot during fall and winter months. This year, we’re getting ready early, and we’ve concocted a crazy plan to get a much closer look at the seagulls without the threat of being pooped on or pecked at. We made a paper mache seagull, attached it to the chassis of an old R/C car, and outfitted it with a small keychain camera. We aptly named our goofy creation the Scuttlecam, after the famously wacky seagull from The Little Mermaid."

    Mike's picks:

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