Review: Swimbuds Sport underwater earbuds

Swimbuds Sport

I won't swim laps without my waterproof iPod shuffle, so I was thrilled to get a pair of new, redesigned waterproof Swimbuds Sport headphones.

This version of Swimbuds is much larger than the last. It seems like they've doubled in size, but sound quality and volume have doubled, too. There are also a number of different earbuds to choose from now. Everyone's ears are shaped differently, and if you have a tighter, more sealed fit, that really helps the sound. There are some interesting options among the bud styles, and some of the gel style ones are giving me a very comfortable, great sounding fit.

I have only tried these swimming laps. There is a handy extension cable for longer cable runs so I assume they will work just fine for both kayaking and surfing. I don't think they're meant for SCUBA diving, however–the regulator would be too loud.

Swimbuds Sport underwater headphones

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