New Firefox has no-plugin video-conferencing

Firefox Hello (a Webrtc implmentation) has debuted in the just-released v.34 of the browser, allowing users to conduct peer-to-peer video-chats without any plugins — just create a chat, send the URL to your friend and start talking.

The new Firefox also defaults to Yahoo as its search engine (though not for Ubuntu users), and adds a host of other useful features, including defaulting to HTTPS-based, privacy-oriented Wikipedia searches.

Though not enabled for all (you can manually turn it on via about:config), the feature bring plugin-free video and voice calls to the browser. No Skype, no add-ons, no hassle. You simple click the Firefox Hello icon, send your share link to the recipient to initiate a connection (assuming they're also using a WebRTC-enabled browser, like Google Chrome or Opera).

Firefox 34 Arrives with Plugin-Free Video Calling and Powerful WebIDE [Joey-Elijah Sneddon/OMG Ubuntu]