UK police arrest man who built anti-immigrant nail-bomb, decline to press terrorism charges

Ryan McGee came from a multi-generational white supremacist dynasty and told police he built his nail-bomb because he didn't like immigrants, the Crown Prosecution Service said that "it was never McGee’s intention to use the device for any terrorist or violent purpose."

People accused of plotting acts of terror in the name of Islamic extremism have faced much more serious charges for much less serious plans.

Imran Khan, solicitor for Mohommod Nawaz, jailed for four and a half years for travelling to a terrorist training camp in Syria, said: “It seems that if you are a Muslim, justice is not blind.

“Such decisions bring the system into disrepute and steps must be taken to remedy it. Most significantly, if the government, police and the courts wanted to send a message out to those British Muslims who have gone to Syria to come back then I fear that this has hampered that cause greatly.“

Soldier jailed for making nailbomb avoids terror charge [Vikram Dodd/The Guardian]

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