The Big Book of Maker Skills: tools and techniques for building great tech projects

I know Chris Hackett from my days as editor-in-chief of MAKE. This guy knows his stuff.

He can make almost anything, and I've long hoped he'd write a book encapsulating his wide-ranging practical knowledge of welding, electronics, metalwork, sewing, workshop practices, and tips for getting stuff done on the cheap. The Big Book of Maker Skills is it! With lots of full color photos and clear illustrations, Hackett delivers a great deal of hard-won knowledge in a 200-page book.

Most of the book is dedicated to describing useful hand and power tools for your workshop, ranging from screwdrivers and wrenches to laser cutters and microcontrollers. Hackett also shows you how to use these tools, sometimes in ways that the manufacturer did not intend but nevertheless get the job done.

Hackett also includes a number of how-to projects, like a foundry for melting aluminum beer cans, and a human-powered electrical generator. (You can see some of these projects on his Science Channel Show, Stuck With Hackett.)

No matter what your maker skill level is, Hackett's book will up your game.

See sample pages from this book at Wink.