Jabberwocky in Nadsat

John-Lewis translated Jabberwocky into Nadsat, the synthetic Russified English dialect spoken by the protagonist of A Clockwork Orange, starting with "Twas dobby and the chellovecks—"

Twas dobby and the chellovecks—

That's Pete, George, Dim, and me, the boss—

Did sit and drink some vellocet

When came this great goloss

"Beware the millicent, my droog!

His nozh to skrik, his hands that skvat!

Beware the staja godman well,

who vreds boys in their spat!"

I took my shlaga in my hand,

And said "Come malchiks, ookadeet!"

Then viddied I old Billy Boy

This did I gavoreet:

"Ho, ho! If it's not stinking Bill,

I thought I nuked the smell of cal!

Come take it in the yarbles now,

You eunuch jelly thou!"

The Rasoodocky