Bell Bullitt TT, one year update and new paint schemes

Bell RSD Bullitt

I've been riding with my Bell Bullitt TT for just about a year, and I still love it. Bell recently released this fantastic new paint scheme with Roland Sands Design.

I love the fit and finish of this Bell helmet. The TT, in addition to getting me lots of comments, compliments, and questions, has some of the nicest suede-y interior and shiny bits I've had on a helmet. Nearly 8k miles of riding and the helmet really looks very close to new. It feels fantastic. Still a snug fit that doesn't wiggle as I turn my head about, but certainly broken in.

I've swapped the clear bubble shield to the tinted version, and back, a number of times. I am tempted by the orange gradient shield. They are fairly simple to swap, requiring only that you look at how the notches all line up on the parts. Swapping won't mark up the helmet if you use something plastic to turn the bolts, I use a flat heavy guitar pick.

The helmet isn't the quietest I own and is not my choice for long freeway runs, a flat shield would change that. The bubble creates some wind buffeting when you turn your head at speed. It is, however, fantastic for most of my daily running around town. The helmet just feels better with the shield a bit father from my face.

I'm also, still, happy with how the helmet vents. It vents a lot of air and I like that.

The Bullitt is one great looking helmet, and I absolutely love the new Roland Sands Design paint scheme. If I didn't already have the red bullseyes of the TT, I'd want that helmet. I really like RSD's jackets as well, they make nice stuff. Tough leather with good armor that looks fantastic.


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