Reconfigurable click-brick characters in Sick Bricks online


I have a boy in grade school, and his whole world comes comes down to a few passions, which include Legos and iPad games. That's why I am vicariously excited for him about this week's release of Sick Bricks, a new mash-up of click brick toy and tablet game.

Sick Bricks are like take-apart Lego mini-figures (comparison inevitable), which you can either play with IRL, or scan into the virtual world of Sick City, where hero Jack Justice fights against monsters and bad guys. The more Sick Bricks you buy, the more characters you can have in the virtual world–but it gets better.

If you take the figures apart and reconfigure them in new ways, you can scan the new version into the game, and play with the modified creation in the virtual world. You can stack three characters on top of each other, and fight monsters as like a totem pole!

As an amateur toy player and professional Dad, I think they've really got something here, combining collectible figures, build-able characters, and lots of virtual fighting with explosions. We've been saying no to his requests for Skylanders, because for us, it's one entertainment investment too many. At $2.45 per figure, and a free app add-on, I'm more than happy to see him get hooked on Sick Bricks.