This rad Dark Souls remix will save you from the forces of the abyss


One way to trick your 'gamer' friends into listening to better music is to get them started on remixes of video game songs done by cool people. Laura has posted about that hot Hitmane remix of Juicy J with Saria's Song, and today I give you Torahhorse taking a crack at Dark Souls' "Great Gray Wolf Sif."

I didn't play much Dark Souls; after breaking Demon's Souls across my back I didn't have it in me (don't sleep on our piece on Bloodborne and the Souls games, tho). I looked up who the Great Gray Wolf Sif is, and apparently he is "the wolf companion of Sir Artorias, the Abysswalker. After Artorias passed away, Sif became the guardian of Artorias' grave in the Darkroot Garden. He wields Artorias' Greatsword and uses some of his moves in combat. A younger Sif appears in the additional content. He accompanied Artorias on his quest to save Oolacile from the forces of the Abyss. However, Artorias and Sif were overrun, and the former used his shield to erect a barrier around Sif to protect him before he became corrupted."

I've tried three times to read that text and have glazed out each time.

Torahhorse is the creative alias of the multitalented Ben Esposito, whom you may remember from our big ol' interview about Donut County, his cute, colorful examination of consumerism. Yeah!

What are your favorite tracks that sample game music, or that borrow the structures of game music, or are remixes thereof? Hit the big 'Discuss' button.