Compressed towelettes are super handy

BikeMaster Compressed Towelettes - 50pc. Pack 151600

Compressed at 70,000psi of pressure, these tiny washcloth pucks expand with a few drops of water. They super helpful to have around!

I'd need to wipe off my motorcycle visor, or just clean my glasses, but would generally find myself wiping them on odd things. My shirt, my hat, taking off a shoe to get at a sock… now I carry a few of these Bikemaster compressed towelettes both in my jacket pockets and all is well.

At first, I thought these towels would be too weak and flimsy for use on the bike. Small, thin towels that'd rapidly come apart and only be useful once. Not so! While Bikemaster's towelettes aren't huge, fluffy beach towels, they are sturdy enough to be used over and over. They do not have to be treated as disposable, can be washed and reused (although not recompressed without some serious machinery.)

Not perfect for glasses cleaning, they are not lint free by any stretch of the imagination, but have not scratched my visor or glasses. I also have used them, on separate occasion, for cleaning up spilled oil and as an improvised bandage.

Simple and useful, I keep a few of these in the car and on the bike.

BikeMaster Compressed Towelettes – 50pc. Pack via Amazon