A positively beautiful 1979 International Harvester Scout II SE

A good friend of mine is restoring a Scout now. He compares it to my Vanagon and I do not understand why.

Looks like this one wants to be driven!

Bring a trailer:

Features unique to Selective Edition included an SSII-style grille, gold side stripes, and matching wheels. This example received a repaint in its factory shade of dark brown with gold stripes under previous ownership. Numerous exterior images in the gallery below show the current condition of the finish.

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How a 'Jake Brake' works

Purportedly a "Jake Brake" is also a derogatory term for someone who gets in the way of one party successfully seducing an another.

Apparently explaining the actual function of the "Jacob's brake" was also viewed as a continuation of said 'cock block.'

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Iconic A-Team van gets a modern update by the Sketch Monkey

I had thought of repainting my 1987 VW Vanagon like BA's van, but the spoiler... Read the rest

This 1995 Ferrari 348 Spider is enhanced by a Pioneer CD player

The final year of the 348, the most Ferrari of Ferraris until the Ferrari 458 out Ferrari'd it.

You may keep the CD changer, I will not be needing it.

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This 1995 Ferrari 348 Spider was delivered new to Miller Motorcars in Greenwich, Connecticut and spent much of its life in New York State until being acquired a year ago by the seller, who has since added approximately 1,000 of its 28k indicated miles. The car is finished in red over tan leather and powered by a 3.4-liter quad-cam V8 paired with a five-speed manual transaxle. Modifications include a Nouvalari exhaust system and a Pioneer CD player. The timing belt was last changed in 2018 along with the air conditioning compressor, clutch, engine mounts, water pump, tires, and more. This final-year 348 is offered with records to 1999, a clean Carfax report, factory literature and tools, a car cover, and a clean Maryland title in the seller’s name.

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Watch this gorgeous two-valve Stirling engine in action

YouTuber Latheman demonstrates a nicely-designed V2 Stirling engine powered by two spirit lamps. Impressively smooth action on this beauty! Read the rest

Now I carry an in-line spark plug tester

I was too harried, when my classic BMW motorcycle died on the side of a busy highway, 150 miles from home, to visually test both the plugs. This simple tester would have saved me from my own laziness. Read the rest

WATCH: Gentleman mods daughter's pink mini-Mini

After his daughter complained her toy car was not fast enough, YouTuber ThatHPI GUY decided to mod it so it could pop wheelies. Read the rest

Compressed towelettes are super handy

Compressed at 70,000psi of pressure, these tiny washcloth pucks expand with a few drops of water. They super helpful to have around! Read the rest