Japan closes famous hot spring due to orgies


Fudo no Yu, a famous hot spring (or, onsen) was closed after it was discovered that patrons were "indulging in group sex acts, filming adult footage and taking voyeuristic photographs of other unsuspecting bathers." The Tokyo Reporter identified the key participants as "14 or 15 middle-aged males and several young women" who made regular weekend visits to the hot springs.

Over the past year, regular complaints were lodged with the management of the Fudo no Yu hot springs and a local tourism organization about bathers repeatedly engaging in a number of lewd acts, some of which were filmed.

Fudo no Yu included an open-air bathing area that afforded an impressive view of a wooded near the Hoki River. On a typical weekend, up to 60 hot springs enthusiasts arrived to enjoy the baths.

Top Image: "It's getting steamy at the onsen" Shutterstock

Bottom Image: Sean Michael Ragan