Smooth writing $15 Huashilai fountain pen


Fountain pens have always been my favorite. This Huashilai reminds me an awful lot of my Parker Duofold, and writes just as nice!

Last year I started trying some of the cheaper fountain pens available on Amazon. This marble blue pen from China is a keeper. The 18kg nib lays down a smooth, medium line and the pen itself feels substantial in my hand. Construction is great, there are no rough edges or loose rattly bits.

The Huashilai is a pleasure to write with. The experience is very similar to my Parker Duofold. Strangely these two pens look very similar. My silver and black Duofold, a gift from my father, has long been my favorite pen, so this cheap guy really gets high marks!

If you like fountain pens, you really can't go wrong with this $15 beauty.

Stylish Unit Blue Marble Body Fountain Pen via Amazon