TPP: TODAY IS THE DAY! Call Congress now!

This is the day that Congress votes on whether to give "fast track authority" on the secretive Trans Pacific Partnership, ending any meaningful debate about a treaty that will prohibit America from passing environmental, labor and Internet laws that interfere with multinational corporate profits.

In addition to TPP, fast track authority will extend to other secret trade deals like TTIP and future deals in the offing. The Senate already (shamefully) voted the bill up, so stopping it in the house is our last chance.

EFF's Action Center has a way for you to contact your Congresscritter and let you tell them to do their damn jobs and provide oversight and debate on the US Trade Rep's back-room dealings.

If we can block this bill, these treaties will have to go in front of Congress for full debate and would be subject to amendments and improvements. TPP, for one, is a sprawling agreement that covers many policy areas. It faces strong opposition from an incredibly diverse collection of groups from across the political spectrum. While the opponents of TPP may not all be concerned about the same issues, we can agree on one thing: trade agreements must be fair and transparent, especially if they attempt bind our lawmakers to new international obligations lobbied for by powerful special interests.

House Vote on TPP Fast Track Is Tomorrow. Call Now [EFF Action Center]

House Vote on the TPP Fast Track Bill Is Tomorrow—Call Your Representative Now
[Maira Sutton/EFF]