The logic of a die-hard DJT investor

If you were wondering who the heck is investing in and holding Trump Media's stock, here is a recent story about a gentleman who claims to be one and is encouraging others.

There has really been no positive news for DJT stock since its debut. Somehow the price has stabilized around $45 for the last day or two, and I've been marveling at who the heck could be buying and holding. Here is a vlogger, who apparently has a pirate thing going on, telling folks to buy and hold the magical stock for some reasons:

One afternoon last month, Chad Nedohin, a part-time pastor and die-hard supporter of Donald Trump leaving the page, put on a pirate costume, set up his microphone and recited a prayer.

Truth Social "has the potential to easily eclipse Twitter," the app now known as X, Mr. Nedohin said in an interview. "I'm not concerned about my investment whatsoever."

Mr. Nedohin doesn't like the term "meme stock" and prefers "populist retail investment." But if he's wrong about his bet, the financial impact on his viewers and Trump Media's other investors could be devastating, given the risks of these volatile stocks.

By traditional metrics, Trump Media is not a successful business. The company reported $4 million in revenue last year and $58 million in losses. Compared with mainstream social sites, Truth Social has a minuscule audience — 1.5 million people visited the site last month, according to data from Similarweb, a small fraction of the 75 million who logged on to X.

Yahoo/New York Times

If any of this sounds suspiciously stupid and like someone who is playing you, take note: the video streamer wants it to be known: "As a Christian, I don't believe in shorting; I believe in only building for the positive." I prefer to take my financial advice from highway robbers, as the last pirate I trusted got me into a bad rum situation.

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