Houston oil business president charged with punching gay man unconscious

Anthony Fera (above), president of Houston's MidStar Energy LP, was charged with assault for allegedly hitting Andy Smith, executive director of the Texas Instruments Foundation, so hard that he was knocked unconscious. In Smith's police statement he alleges that he was walking with his husband in Austin when Fera nearly hit the couple with his car.

"I hollered out, 'you nearly hit us.'" Fera reportedly replied, 'Fuck you faggot.'" Smith and Fera exchanged a few more words before Fera exited his car, punched Smith in the head, ran back, and resumed driving.

Paul Von Wupperfeld, Smith's husband, writes in his statement that Smith's face "was swollen and bloody from where he had been punched, with cuts on his nose, right cheek, and chin. He was unconscious for around 30-45 seconds. When he came around he was groggy and disoriented."

Fera is back on the streets after paying $5,000 bail.