Canada's brave resistance versus America's giant killer robots

Brian K "Saga" Vaughan's new comic We Stand On Guard pits plucky Canadian guerrillas against an invading army of killer American mechas.

Vaughan — who is married to a Canadian — collaborated with Wachowskis storyboarder Steve Skroce, who is from Toronto, on the comic. A thorough review of the first issue in the CBC tells the tale:

While We Stand On Guard is the first in a six issue series, it wastes no time with the shocking splash page and a few twists along the way. For readers worried about how an American will portray Canada, keep in mind some of Vaughan's best adventures have been lopsided David and Goliath affairs.

One character's rant about Superman's Canadian roots suggests where Vaughan's sympathies lie. Whether his northern exposure will allow him to get away from wolves, wilderness and other Canadian cliches is an open question, but the first 40 pages suggest it's worth sticking around to find out.

We Stand On Guard comic offers explosive look at Canada-U.S. relations [Eli Glasner/CBC News]

(Thanks, Steve!)