Visiting a "ProLife Training Camp" for young people


For nearly two decades, Christian ministry "Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust" has held a summer camp in southern California where high schoolers and college students learn to be anti-choice activists.

From Al Jazeera:

For $425, the camp offers 10 days of workshops and field training, with speakers and advocates from across the U.S. lending their support. (Like other summer camps, there are also spaghetti and taco nights…)

Except for the images of aborted fetuses they tote, these kids look like any other American teens: T-shirts, jeans, backwards hats. The average camper is between 16 and 17, according to Survivors. Some have braces or multicolored hair. In one-on-one conversations, they're well spoken and polite.

About two-thirds of campers are female. Each year, about half of the campers are first-time participants. They have a mix of homeschool, public, private and charter-school backgrounds. The majority of this year's campers are from California, but they attract young people from another six states and Mexico. Signs of Christianity are everywhere, but that's just part of the Survivors experience, campers say. The same goes for conservatism: Mentions of Boehner, Sen. Ted Cruz and the Duggar family draw cheers.

"A trip to a summer camp pushing to end abortion"