WWII slang from the front

As seen in War Slang: American Fighting Words & Phrases Since the Civil War: "Royal Order of Whale Bangers. An 'exclusive' club open only to airmen who have mistakenly dropped depth charges on whales, supposing them to be enemy submarines."

Admiral of the Swiss Navy. A self-important person.

Army Banjo. Shovel.

Baby. Mustard; from its resemblance to that which comes out of the hind end of an infant.

Bayonet Course. Hospital treatment for venereal diseases. "Bayonet" refers to the male member.

Blanket Drill. A nap.

Bunk Lizard. A lazy solider with a sloth-like attraction to his bed. Variation: Sack Rat.

Cat's Beer. Milk.

Dirty Gertie of Bizerte. A promiscuous woman.

Cupid's Itch. Any venereal disease.

Egg in Your Beer. Too much of a good thing.

Eagle Day. Payday; also known as "the day the eagle shits." A reference to the American eagle that appears on some coins.

G.I. Jesus. Chaplain.

Hashburner. Cook.

Khaki-Whacky. A woman overly fond of men in uniform.

Mickey Mouse Movies. Instructional films on personal hygiene.

Ratzy. A German; a blend of "rat" and "Nazi."

Snore Sack. Sleeping Bag.

Table Muscle. Fat.

Tough Row of Buttons to Shine. A hard job.

T.S. Slip. When a soldier's complaints become unbearable, his listeners frequently tell him to fill out a "T.S. Slip" and send it to the chaplain.

A Collection of World War II Slang From the Front [Art of Manliness]