Reddit's new content policy goes into effect, many horrible subreddits banned or quarantined



Reddit just implemented its new content policy today. Site administrators are now banning and quarantining a number of subreddits. From what we know, tougher rules on so-called "involuntary pornography" are also active, so women whose partners or predators upload intimate images of them to Reddit can know that the site doesn't make such personal violations easy to commit.

The Redditors who frequent affected forums like "Kike Town" and "Watch Niggers Die" are predictably upset.

Redditor Spez writes:

Today we are releasing an update to our Content Policy. Our goal was to consolidate the various rules and policies that have accumulated over the years into a single set of guidelines we can point to.
Thank you to all of you who provided feedback throughout this process. Your thoughts and opinions were invaluable. This is not the last time our policies will change, of course. They will continue to evolve along with Reddit itself.

Our policies are not changing dramatically from what we have had in the past. One new concept is Quarantining a community, which entails applying a set of restrictions to a community so its content will only be viewable to those who explicitly opt in. We will Quarantine communities whose content would be considered extremely offensive to the average redditor.

Today, in addition to applying Quarantines, we are banning a handful of communities that exist solely to annoy other redditors, prevent us from improving Reddit, and generally make Reddit worse for everyone else. Our most important policy over the last ten years has been to allow just about anything so long as it does not prevent others from enjoying Reddit for what it is: the best place online to have truly authentic conversations.

I believe these policies strike the right balance.

Which communities have been banned? Spez replies:

Today we removed communities dedicated to animated CP and a handful of other communities that violate the spirit of the policy by making Reddit worse for everyone else: /r/CoonTown, /r/WatchNiggersDie, /r/bestofcoontown, /r/koontown, /r/CoonTownMods, /r/CoonTownMeta.

[Thanks, Andrea James]