Pre-Order: SKEYE Mini Drone & HD Camera For 34% Off

Explore the skies and take the footage to prove it with the SKEYE Mini Drone ($64.99). From mastering smooth landings to pulling off impressive flips and rolls, you choose the adventure and the SKEYE Mini Drone will take you there. This perfectly-sized drone packs both a beginner and veteran pilot mode for a guaranteed good time no matter your experience.

Check out the video above to the see the SKEYE Mini Drone in action! Note: Do try this at home.

  • Embarks on night flights w/ included LED lights
  • Flies w/ precision-controlled steering
  • Performs flips, barrel rolls & aerobatic tricks
  • Pulls off smooth maneuvers thanks to its high thrust & low weight
  • Boasts outstanding stability w/ 6-axis stabilization
  • Captures quality HD photos & video footage from high in the sky
  • Features 4 coreless motors
  • Includes beginner & advanced flight modes