Sneak peek at Piff the Magic Dragon playing cards

For a long time the needs of magic dragons everywhere have been overlooked by playing card manufacturers. Why spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds? What about flames, flowers, paws and… ok let's not mess with the diamonds. And why are there no Magic Performing Chihuahua Cards? If you're a magic dragon, those are pretty integral. And the box does even have its own stand? Weird.

So I decided to change all that.

Introducing the Piff the Magic Dragon Deck of Playing Cards! Two years in the making and breaking pasteboard boundaries.

The tuck box is based on my Tacular. So I called it a Tuckular. The original Tacular has legs that unfold and pop out to convert it from a suitcase to a table. They are based on something called a Harbin stand, created by Robert Harbin, one of the greatest magical minds of the 20th century who also happened to be an expert origami enthusiast. When I was on tour in 2012 I came up with a playing card version of it which planted the seed of a complete deck of cards.

We've been able to add some sweet stretch goals along the way, with options like metallic green ink, gold Piff coins, sandwich cards and even some stickers. I really want to make it to $50k so we can produce some tiny Mr Piffles'! The dream!

I worked with Claire Blackledge, an artist in the uk, who has created all of my branding and images. She started on these t-shirts (attached) and I loved them so much I got in touch with her and asked her to do more. I think she really knocked this project out of the park.

I'm pretty excited (well, as excited as a magic dragon can be) about these cards. Fingers crossed we can make it to $50k and complete our stretch goals!