Minimalist playing cards

MINIM (Amazon) is a standard, regulation deck of cards that come in white or black and feature an absolute bare mininum of detail.

Designed by Joe Doucet, they're made from PVC and abstract the classic suits into geometric symbols: "While it is necessary to mark the backs of regulation cards, we’ve done so with minimal diagonal lines instead of the typical ornamental graphics."

The dark set looks very 1970s sci-fi and would be a perfect stocking stuffer for your favorite gambler, magician, or me. Read the rest

Gentleman shows off his deck of "found" playing cards, Reddit accuses him of fraud

A Reddit user posted the above photo, saying, "After 5 years, I finally completed a full playing card deck from randomly found cards on streets around the world." It didn't take long for other Reddit users to prove him a liar:

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How to do the Faro Shuffle

The Faro Shuffle is a way to shuffle the cards where you split the deck into two piles of 26 cards and push the decks together so that the cards are perfectly interwoven. If you can execute eight Faro Shuffles in a row, the cards will be returned to the original order. Here's a tutorial. Read the rest

The Design Deck teaches graphic design as you play cards

Ben Barrett-Forrest created The Design Deck, a nifty set of playing cards that each have facts about graphic design on them. Read the rest

My card trick book is on sale for 99 cents

I became interested in magic when I was a young teenager, then dropped out for one reason or another. About five years ago I started getting interested again, this time in card magic (as opposed to stage magic). I had fun making doctored cards to use in my tricks, so in 2015 I wrote and illustrated a self-published ebook called Trick Decks: How to Hack Playing Cards for Astounding Magic. The sales exceeded my expectations, and it was at the top of the "magic" chart in Amazon for a quite a while.

Occasionally I reduce to price of the book. For the next few days, I've dropped the price of the ebook from $2.99 to 99 cents. It will go to $1.99, then back to $2.99.

Trick Decks will show you how to easily make different kinds of trick card decks to perform stunning magic tricks. You can make the decks from ordinary playing cards and easy-to-find tools and materials. No special skills are required and these cards are fun to make.

In this ebook you will learn The best way to mark cards How to make a stripper deck that lets you pull selected cards from the middle of the deck Two ways to make one of the greatest trick decks of all time: The Invisible Deck How to make the Brainwave Deck: A spectator’s thought-of card is the only one face up in the deck and with a different colored back than the other cards Nightmare Card: A card chosen by the spectator vanishes and reappears in your pocket Find out more about the ebook at Trick Decks website. Read the rest

Theory11 'Archangels' are the prettiest playing cards

I still love these Archangels. 90% of the time, this is the deck of cards I have in my pocket.

I buy a lot of decks of cards, and this remains my go-to favorite. The beautiful black on white back design is mesmerizing to watch go by as I practice flourishes, and I think helps distract people from clumsy sleights. The Ace of Spades and Joker designs are some of the best I've seen, and the gold foil used on the face cards adds a touch of class.

No blank card or double backer is included. There is one Theory11 advertisement card that can be used for "write on this card" tricks and still preserve the decks 52 card integrity.

Bicycle Archangels Playing Cards via Amazon Read the rest

Black-on-black Day of the Dead playing cards

These beautiful Day of the Dead playing cards could be none more black.

Poker sized and made of PVC plastic to allow for the throwing, these cards are absolutely beautiful.

Black Playing Cards - Day of the Dead Edition by Gent Supply Co via Amazon Read the rest

12 pack of Bicycle playing cards

I go through about one deck of playing cards a week. That's how long it takes for the cards to get dirty and bent from frequent handling (I spend a couple of hours a day practicing sleights during phone calls, watching TV, during meals, waiting in line, hiking, and so on). It feels extravagant to replace a deck every week, but it's actually an inexpensive habit. I buy decks by the dozen on Amazon. Right now a 12-pack of Bikes sells for $15.49. I wish I could subscribe to them.

You get 6 red backs and 6 blue backs. Jason likes blue back cards, and I like red back. (Hey, Jason - I'll save the blue ones for you if you save the red ones for me.)

If you want something to do with the cards, let me gently steer you in the direction of my book, Trick Decks: Read the rest

Watch Zach Mueller's card wizardry from California

Cardistry wizard Zach Mueller works his magic on the Santa Monica Pier. Special guest appearance by cardist CJ Ocampo.

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Lowest price I've seen on a 12-pack of Bicycle playing cards - $16

I don't know how long this deal will last, but you can buy a 12-pack of Bicycle playing card decks for $16. You get six red-backed decks and six blue-backs. I just bought 2 boxes. That should last me until the end of the year (I go through a deck a week or so). Read the rest

Playing cards for marijuana enthusiasts

Neither of these decks are smokable, but they bring two of my favorite things together: weed and magic! For sleigh of hand, and other tricks, I always prefer the Bicycle brand cards, but the rolling paper inspired cards are fun as well.

Bicycle's Hemp Deck has a hemp leaf on the back, but the cards are made of your typical US Playing Cards stock and finish.

RAW rolling papers aren't as iconic as Zig-Zag, but if you want to tell a joint rolling story to accompany a magic trick, this deck'll help convince people they are looking at something special. They also come with a bracelet.

RAW Rolling Paper Playing Cards via Amazon

Bicycle Hemp Deck Playing Cards via Amazon Read the rest

Delight your loved ones with these Christmas-themed playing cards

Penguin Magic printed just 500 decks of these Christmas themed playing cards.

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Watch this young man's captivating card trickery

The incredible Zach Mueller up to his old (and new) tricks again! See more at Mueller's cardistry company site Fontaine Cards.

Previously: "Watch this mesmerizing floating cards magic"

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The Playing Card Design of MISC. GOODS CO.

When you think about it, the design of playing cards is ridiculously complicated and to create a truly unique deck could take many months. It’s one thing to take an existing template and alter it a bit and it’s another thing all together to rework each element from scratch.

Tyler Deeb of MISC. GOODS CO. has designed a deck of cards from the ground up and it has a whole lot to say. Every court card, every symbol and boarder has gotten as much attention as any deck I’ve ever seen.  It’s clear that this was a labor of love and will act as his calling card for years to come.

To me, this deck is just chock full of story and I wonder if anyone else is seeing what I’m seeing. 

There's so much to figure out when laying out a deck of cards and it all starts with the box that contains it. In this case, if you look closely, you’ll find some very thoughtful touches.

Firstly, besides the beautiful silver foil printing, there is an embossing of the message “Do nothing out of selfish ambition”. It’s a bible verse from Philippians 2:3-8 and the thing is, while this deck is one of the most ambitious ones I’ve ever seen, it certainly isn’t selfish. It’s a gift to us.

While I’m not going to go into every little detail of what I’m reading into here, I will share a playful contradiction that pops up when you look closely.

This contradiction sets the stage for what’s to come. Read the rest

Watch this mesmerizing floating cards magic

"Floating Cards" by Zach Mueller. Read the rest

Bicycle 130th Anniversary Playing Cards

Jason and I are both fans of Bicycle playing cards, manufactured by the United States Playing Card Company (USPCC). I have been handling USPCC cards for an hour a day or longer for the last couple of years (while on the phone, watching TV, hanging out with friends) and I have become a card snob.

Playing cards made by USPCC use three layers of paper: two outer layers of thin paper, and a thicker stiff piece of card sandwiched in the middle. The result is a strong, springy card that feels good and has a nice snap to it. A lot of cards made by other manufacturers use just two layers or even one layer of low quality paper. They crease easily and wear down quickly and are unpleasant to use for games or magic tricks.

The Bicycle 130th Anniversary Playing Cards ($4 on Amazon) are made with the same 3-ply process used in all of USPCC's cards. They have the "Wheel No. 1" card back design from 1887. One interesting thing to note about this design is the three-winged symbol in the center. This makes the card asymmetrical, which is a desirable feature for card cheats and magicians. For instance, you can turn all the Aces in the deck around with one of the wings pointing straight down, and have all the other cards with two wings pointing down, making it possible to identify the Aces by spreading the deck face down. (In 1907 the three-winged symbol was replaced by a symmetrical 4-winged symbol.) Most non-magicians will not notice the asymmetry, and you can have a lot of fun with these decks. Read the rest

Sneak peek at Piff the Magic Dragon playing cards

For a long time the needs of magic dragons everywhere have been overlooked by playing card manufacturers. Why spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds? What about flames, flowers, paws and… ok let’s not mess with the diamonds. And why are there no Magic Performing Chihuahua Cards? If you’re a magic dragon, those are pretty integral. And the box does even have its own stand? Weird.

So I decided to change all that.

Introducing the Piff the Magic Dragon Deck of Playing Cards! Two years in the making and breaking pasteboard boundaries.

The tuck box is based on my Tacular. So I called it a Tuckular. The original Tacular has legs that unfold and pop out to convert it from a suitcase to a table. They are based on something called a Harbin stand, created by Robert Harbin, one of the greatest magical minds of the 20th century who also happened to be an expert origami enthusiast. When I was on tour in 2012 I came up with a playing card version of it which planted the seed of a complete deck of cards.

We’ve been able to add some sweet stretch goals along the way, with options like metallic green ink, gold Piff coins, sandwich cards and even some stickers. I really want to make it to $50k so we can produce some tiny Mr Piffles’! The dream!

I worked with Claire Blackledge, an artist in the uk, who has created all of my branding and images. She started on these t-shirts (attached) and I loved them so much I got in touch with her and asked her to do more. Read the rest

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