Weekend of Wonder: Why we chose the Mission Inn


The Weekend of Wonder will be held at Riverside, California's incredible Mission Inn. Often compared to the Winchester Mystery House, this amazing resort has everything a Happy Mutant could need, from engineering marvels to secret passageways!

In 1902 Frank Augustus Miller renamed the Glenwood Hotel, opened by his father Christopher Columbus Miller, in 1877, to the Mission Inn. He also began a 33 year program of constantly remodeling the hotel, that only ended upon his death. Today the Mission Inn is a palace of Mission Revival architecture, and a museum of interesting artifacts.

In addition to the wonderful pool and restaurants, the Mission Inn is home to a number of useful and interesting features that'll make the Weekend of Wonder even more entertaining. Under the Cloister wing are catacombs. One of the large spaces we'll use for activities is a church, built to house phenomenal stained glass windows and two Tiffany mosaics. There are amazing bars, and a giant (perhaps too large for our group) auditorium. There are roof top balconies and a Mediterranean dome to cap it all off.


The feel of the space is fantastic. You're instantly transported back in time, as you enter the leather clad lobby and bar area to review a wall of Presidential portraits, a number of US President's have been guests of the Mission Inn. You can even sit in a special chair, hand crafted to seat a hulking 300lb President Taft. Hallways and staircases wind in odd directions. Often the scale of halls and passages are off, as Miller had fit parts of the hotel for his very small sister.

Don't worry about getting lost, however. Some local experts on the hotel have offered to give our guests a private tour!


The editors of Boing Boing have always wanted to create an event where people can enjoy a weekend of wonderful, magical, mindblowing, inspiring experiences. Weekend of Wonder is that event! We hope you'll come play with us!

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