Man dies after being run over by WWII tank on Jelly Belly chairman's property

The LA Times reports that on Saturday "the husband of Jelly Belly's chief executive accidentally crushed a man to death with a World War II-era tank during a reunion on the family's property in Fairfield, Calif."

The man who died, Kevin Wright (54), was a volunteer who maintained the tank and other restored military vehicles that candy maker Herman Rowland collects. Wright was sitting on the front edge of the tank and fell off. The driver was not able to stop in time and was Wright was crushed under the 1944 M5 tank.

UPDATE: Melvin writes:

Your story (and many like it on the net) report that the man was run over by a 1944 M5 tank. The natural conclusion, given the lower picture, is an M5 Stuart. However, that doesn't appear to be the case.

1) as noted in the comments, the tank in the lower picture seems to be a FV433 Abbot SPG.

2) Another link ( describes at least part of Mr Rowland's collection, and identifies one of the pictures as an M5 tractor, a vehicle for towing artillery.

Not quite a tank, and not an M5 Stuart "actual tank" tank. It seems more than a little likely that this might have been the vehicle involved in the incident.

Just a pedantic note for you. Sorry to trouble you with my OCD.