GOP candidate brags about war injury — that he actually got hiking in Montana? (video)

Montana's Tim Sheehy, a former Navy SEAL who is running as a tough guy for the Senate, bragged at a campaign event about a bullet that got lodged in his arm during his stint in Afghanistan. But this story doesn't pass muster for those who remember Sheehy rushing to the hospital in 2015, where he told a park ranger he accidentally shot his arm in the parking lot at Montana's Glacier National Park. (See video below, posted by VoteVets.)

"I got thick skin — though it's not thick enough. I have a bullet stuck in this arm still from Afghanistan," he claimed in December, according to The Washington Post.

But Sheehy "stated he was arranging gear in the back of his vehicle and that the gun (Colt Revolver, 45 long) had slipped down the pile of gear, hit the ground and fired," said the ranger's report. "The round hit him in the right forearm and did not pass through." Sheehy even paid a fine of $525 for "illegally discharging his weapon in the national park."

Caught with two different stories, Sheehy is now running with the more macho Afghanistan claim, saying that yes, he lied, but it was to the ranger in Montana, in order to "protect himself and his former platoonmates from facing a potential military investigation" in 2012, reports the The Washington Post. "He said he did not know for certain whether the wound was the result of friendly fire or from enemy ammunition, and said he never reported the incident to his superiors."

Fortunately for Sheehy, he's in the MAGA party, where lies are just nuisances that can be swatted away with more lies.