I had a lot of POLLEN in my HERB grinder


My herb grinder collects a lot of pollen, and I had forgotten it was there. This handy pollen press lets me efficiently store and use it!

Clearly, it is easy to forget that pollen is collecting in a grinder, especially if the only time you look at an herb grinder is to use one. After realizing I had a ton of pollen in the catch, and that scooping it out in single use increments was a messy, pain rarely worth the effort, I decided to try a $7 pollen press. It is a simple to use win.


The press is made of a threaded aluminum pipe, and two end caps. Inside are two plastic dowels that perfectly fit the interior diameter of the pipe. You leave one dowel in, and one end cap on. Shovel the pollen into the pipe, put in the other dowel and screw the 2nd end cap on as tight as you can. I had so much pollen I couldn't get the end cap on, so I sliced the chunk of pressed POLLEN in half with my cellulose guitar pick. I do realize that the use of cellulose is probably not healthy, but it was handy, and a thin guitar pick makes both an excellent shovel, and blade, for this stuff.


The pollen is squeezed into a very dense tube of putty-like matter. It is very easy to cut, but will crumble! You can store the pressed pollen in the tube, just extending a bit at a time to slice off, using it as you need. If you have more to put on top, just press it on!

Pollen Press Tool Tough Aluminum CNC 5 Piece 3.5 inch Spice Herb 2 Dowels via Amazon