Users of Popcorn Time, movie streaming app, sued


Mark wrote about the "just works" movie app a while ago, but if you're a fan, you're on a lawyer's hitlist.

…with a second lawsuit filed against users of the app, it looks like 16 as-yet-anonymous watchers may soon need a primer on "mass copyright suits for dummies."
The lawsuit (PDF), entitled Survivor Productions Inc. v. Anonymous Users of Popcorn Time (Does 1-16), targets 16 Comcast subscribers who allegedly used the app to watch Survivor—not the reality series, but a thriller starring Pierce Brosnan released earlier this year.

I like how the lawyers are targeting people who watch Adam Sandler and Pierce Brosnan movies. It's a Prenda-style tactic: pick defendants who would be so humiliated by the publicity that they pay up rather than have their disgusting cinematic preferences exposed.