Anita Sarkeesian on women's bodies as prizes in video games

Kate from Feminist Frequency (previously) writes, "Feminist Frequency has just released a supplemental mini-episode in their Tropes vs Women in Video Games series."

"The 'Women as Reward – Special DLC Mini-Episode' examines how women's bodies are used not just as a reward for in-game actions but also, via paid downloadable content, as a reward for spending actual money. The video addresses the most common defense of this kind of objectification and commodification of women's bodies : the argument that 'sex sells.'"

Sarkeesian and co are national treasures. This is the kind of serious, in-depth, knowledgable criticism that video games need — the kind of work that treats games as a first-class art-form, worthy of real critical thought.

Women as Reward – Special DLC Mini-Episode
[Feminist Frequency/Youtube]