1 in 40 London cops have been arrested in the past five years

One UK police officer is arrested for criminal behaviour every day with the Metropolitan London Police accounting for the lion's share.

The majority of police arrests are for sexual offenses.

The Met isn't just a hive of scum and villainy — they're also pretty bad at their jobs. They lead the UK in unsolved domestic burglaries.

Officers convicted of offences

PC Keith Wallis was jailed for 12 months for lying about witnessing an altercation in Downing Street involving the former Tory chief whip, Andrew Mitchell.

Osman Iqbal was given 7 years of jail time for prostitution, supplying a class-A drug, and money laundering in 2014.

Chris Higgs admitted to 16 crimes, including blackmail, fraud, perverting the court of justice, and witness interference, in March 2015.

Constable Trevor Jones jailed for 14 months after bombarding vulnerable women with sleazy text and voice messages in June 2015.

1,600 UK police officers arrested for criminal offences in 5 years
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