The steampunk statues of Medellin, Colombia

Herman from Colombia's Proyecto Liquido writes, "This is part of Medellín Steampunk a city project that resulted from a partnership between Fractal and the Secretary of Culture of the Medellín Mayor's Office.

We told the city these steampunk characters are visitors from a parallel universe that traveled to Medellín to observe our culture. They have personalities similar to the historical figures they represent and the futuristic prototypes they wear helps them compensate their flaws. There's an explanation of their skills (in Spanish). Citizens can also chat with the steampunk statues via Twitter: @BolivarMDE @CisnerosMDE @BerrioMDE @SantanderMDE @CordovaMDE.

They're visiting the city just for one month. This art intervention has been controversial and so far the city has had a love/hate relationship with it. But we met our goal: they're definitely looking at the statues.

Medellin Steampunk