Is this the most beautiful dragon penis yet?

In its luminous, rainbow-hued absurdity, the Nox is so delightful that it seems like a dog toy, perhaps, or a wedge of playdoh colors that one's child has only just rolled together.

But it is, in fact, an enormous silicone dragon penis!

A little googling reveals the name and the manufacturer, Bad Dragon, and you will doubtless be charmed to know that the character has been fleshed out and has a backstory and everything.

This is what the J. Peterman catalog is up against these days:

The Night Drakes are a group of dragons with a terrible reputation. According to local gossip, they're the last group of dragons you want to be involved with.

And you ran straight into one when you took your dinner to the park for a picnic. Instead of snarling at you to watch where you're going, the drake managed to catch your airborne meal before it hit the ground, and handed it back to you with an apology… and an inquiry if that was sushi he smelled. Being confronted with a personality and behavior contrary to popular rumor was astounding, and led you to share your lunch and a pleasant conversation with this Night Drake, who introduced himself as Nox.

Nox not only managed to steal some of your sushi that first day, but he also managed to steal your heart.


Nox was designed by Hyena Queen and sculpted by Onissarle, and comes in four sizes and in a variety of less attractive, but evidently popular-enough colors. Only mauve is available on Amazon, but it is Prime. Reviews are generally very positive ("textured yet very comfortable"; "Naughtiness: 5 Devils"; "the dragon cock for you.").

Here is an unboxing video, with thousands of views, where the recipient can barely whisper "Oh my God" upon sight of it.

If there is a more wonderful sex toy available than this, please tell us about it in the comments! [