Unusual painting tips from Steve Ross, son of Bob Ross

Steve Ross doesn't have the sweet 'fro, but he knows his way around a tube of Van Dyke Brown just like his dad.

Here are a few tips and comments Steve offers on this video about painting a lake in the woods.

  • "Be real rough on it."
  • "Push nice and hard."
  • "You know if your wrist is wore out by the time you get done doing this, you did something right."
  • "It made me feel real good inside."
  • "That's the funnest way to do it."
  • You catch me making sound effects here and there. That's real good."
  • "When I say large, I mean it, don't I?"
  • "Two-inch. Right in there. Push up on it."
  • "Gee whiz! That'll wear your arm out."
  • "See, I just played with it! And suddenly things just started to happen for ya."
  • "It's getting bigger all the time. Oh no, it's huge! Look at that. It's a monster."
  • "You gotta keep your confidence up. Tell yourself you're good.