J Edgar Hoover loved Efrem Zimbalist's "FBI"

Michael from Muckrock writes, "While J. Edgar Hoover wasn't a big fan of much media in the 60s — he worked to rewrite one of Hitchcock's scripts and made Walt Disney re-work Tomorrowland — there was one show that struck a chord: ABC's The FBI."

"And why not: According to documents released, the Bureau's Crime Records Division directly oversaw the show's production, giving it an air of authenticity even as they made sure that the agent in it was squeaky clean — and always solved the case. The bureau and showrunners of The FBI were so entwined that fan mail for the star, Efrem Zimbalist, often found its way to J. Edgar Hoover's desk."

"We have a deep feeling of affection for you" Efrem Zimbalist's FBI file

[Daniel Welch/Muckrock]