Gentleman rams hotel lobby with truck after credit card declined

John Edward Parsley, 62, of Gonzalez, Texas, was charged with assault and battery Monday after ramming a hotel lobby with his truck. Taking aim at two women staff at the Alva Comfort Inn in Oklahoma, he plowed into their reception desk as they dive away in the nick of time.

Why? Because his credit card had been declined, forcing him to pay cash.

Parsley was also charged with malicious injury to property and is being held on $1m bond.




Alva police didn't immediately respond to requests for comment details, but according to an incident report obtained late Monday by the Enid News & Eagle, police said Parsley told them he drove into the hotel because "they thought he was bluffing, and he proved he wasn't."…

Christian, the manager, told investigators that "Parsley stated it wasn't his first bad experience with a hotel manager who was also Indian," according to the incident report. It said Parsley then told the staff that he was going to "run his truck over them and the property."