Trump fined, faces jail and perhaps violated his terms of release

Judge Juan Merchan, who presides over Donald Trump's criminal election fraud case, has found that Trump violated his gag order nine times.

Donald Trump was fined $1,000 per instance because he violated his gag order. Judge Merchan also warned Trump that incarceration was an option should he continue. The AG had previously filed additional complaints because Trump has continued nonstop public whining about being held accountable and often strays into jury tampering and witness intimidation.

New York Judge Juan Merchan has ruled in the dispute over whether former President Donald Trump violated the gag order in the Manhattan hush money trial. He has determined that Trump violated the order in at least nine separate instances.

The decision means that the former president will be fined $9,000 and will be forced to remove the offending posts that violated the gag order from his Truth Social page.

What's more, as flagged by legal reporter Adam Klasfeld, Merchan warned Trump that he could be incarcerated if he continues to flaunt his gag order.


A fun new wrinkle for the overtaxed Trump legal team and the campaign fundraising experts who pay them will be an apparent violation of both Trump's DC and Georgia terms of release. Trump, as you will recall, is out on bail, which puts his freedom in question.