Fan edits "Inside Out: Outside Edition," excising all internal scenes

Pixar's "Inside Out" alternates between short scenes of the life of a girl called Riley, with increasingly longer, action-packed scenes from inside her psyche (as one Internet wag has it, Pixar movies follow the "_____ have feelings" template, starting with toys, cars and bugs, and they've arrived at the logical conclusion: "feelings have feelings").

Redditor Jordan Hanzon took up an online challege to produce an edit of Inside Out with nothing but the "outside" scenes. It clocks in at a bare 15 minutes, and it's rather fun.

The dinner table scene — which is brilliant in the original — hardly loses anything in terms of comprehension from the removal of the interior scenes, but it's a lot less funny. This is a general theme with this edit: a lot of the alternation between "outside" and "inside" is for comic effect, not plot purposes, while the longer internal scenes drive the real tension.

(via Kottke)